Foto de Yukii
ID: 24498
  • 27/09/2009

  • 傷ついた時は そっと包み込んでくれたら嬉しい
    転んで立てない時は 少しの勇気をください
    When I'm hurting, it'd be nice if you'd hold me gently.
    When I've fallen and can't get up, please give me a bit of your strength.



    冷たい町で一人 ここがどこかも 思い出せない

    Today again, with my feelings never reaching you,

    I'm alone in this cold town; I don't even remember where this is.

    終わらない夜に 願いはひとつ
    星のない空に 輝く光を
    戻れない場所に 捨てたものでさえ
    生まれ変わって明日をきっと 照らしてくれる
    On a never-ending night, I have but one wish,
    And that's for a light to shine in the starless sky.
    All those things I left behind in that place I can't return to
    Will be reborn anew, and it will surely shine on tomorrow.


    (Rokutousei no Yoru - Aimer)

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