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  • 18/08/2013


    "So roar, be fearless, and go chase those dreams."

    — Stana Katic

    I'm a Squint!

    Minhas pequenas loucuras que me levaram a uma lista (Pouco mais que 50 itens) de fanfics:






    *Once Upon A Time

    *Rizzoli & Isles


    *Percy Jackson/Heróis do Olimpo



    *The Mentalist



    *The Blacklist 

    *Star Wars 

    *Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders


    *The X-Files

    *The Fall


    *Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

    *Doctor Who

    *Fantastic Beasts


    *Be More Chill

    *Dear Evan Hansen

    *21 Chump Street

    *In the Heights


    "See you later, alligator!" - Seeley Booth

    "Every writer needs inspiration and I found mine!" | "Always!" - Richard e Katherine Castle

    "Tiffany's. Now you're talking my language." - Stella Bonasera

    "But... I'm a zombie!" - Olivia Moore

    "I'm fighting for you, Ziva." - Tony DiNozzo

    "We all get a second chance, Regina. You just have to open your eyes to see it." - Robin Hood

    "This is a police station and not the Jerry Springer Show." - Jane Rizzoli

    "Welcome to my world." - Christian Grey

    "This is a PEN!" - Percy Jackson

    "Oh My God!" - Chandler e Monica Bing

    "You know what, Romanoff?!" - Steve Rogers

    "That woman in 12B... I love her!" - Patrick Jane

    "You are my starting point" - Jane Doe

    "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." - Edward Cullen 

    "Losing someone we love is painful" - Red Reddington 

    "I love you! | I know!" - Han e Leia

    "Amen to that!" - Jack Garrett

    "Je Suis Prest" - Frasers

    "Even when the world was falling apart you were my constant, my touchstone... | And you are mine." - Mulder e Scully

    "But really and truly, you should fuck off!" - Stella Gibson

    "Regrets are for pussies. Shit happens, deal with it!" - Hank Moody

    "We are not agents of nothing, we are Agents of SHIELD and it still carries weight! It has to carry weight. After everything we've been through, that carries weight!" - Phil Coulson

    "You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!" - Tenth Doctor

    "How would you feel if I give your copy in person?" || "I would like that!" - Newt Scamander e Tina Goldstein

    "Don't be shocked when your history book mentions me, I'll lay down my life if it set us free, eventually you'll see my ascendancy!" - Alexander Hamilton

    "I'm waiting for my porno to load.My brain is gonna freakin' explode. And now of course it's time to hit the road. Which means I'll be uncomfortable all day" - Jeremy

    "Have you been writing those letters to yourself?" - Heidi

    "Man, she used to fall asleep in class. She was a light-skinneded puerto rican-dominican. Long hair, mature in the body like whoa." - Justin

    "I emigrated from the single greatest little place in the Caribbean. Dominican. Republic. I love it. Jesus, I'm jealous of it. And beyond that. Ever since my folks passed on I haven't gone back." - Usnavi


    Bem, listar tudo daria um trabalhão, então esses são apenas alguns dos fandons dos quais faço parte.

    Caskett, Smacked, Tiva, CaptainSwan, OutlawQueen, SwanQueen, Rizzles, Percabeth, Romanogers, Mondler, Jeller, B&B, Jisbon, Rumbelle... e são tantos outros!

    Dizem que existe o fã em "dose dupla", mas acredite que quando se trata de Stana Katic eu sou aquela fã em "doses múltiplas e incontáveis". Amo essa mulher com todo o meu coração e, acreditem quando digo que eu não sou a única!

    Welcome to my profile. *-*

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