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  • 07/08/2015

  • "You're a bad idea but I like bad ideas."

    —  Unknown


    "You were made to be ruled. In the end you will always kneel." 

    — Loki, "The Avengers"


    "I am the monster parents tell their children about at night."

    — Loki, "Thor"


    "I never wanted the throne I only ever wanted to be your equal."

    — Loki, "Thor"


    "I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

    — Loki, "The Avengers"


    "Within us there is the capacity of being anyone or anything"

    — Tom Hiddleston


    "The devil plays the best tunes, I suppose."

    — Tom Hiddleston

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