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Kaori Ray
ID: 267425
  • 17/01/2013


    ''Nunca deixe que lhe digam que não vale a pena

    Acreditar no sonho que se tem

    Ou que seus planos nunca vão dar certo

    Ou que você nunca vai ser alguém

    Tem gente que machuca os outros

    Tem gente que não sabe amar''

    ''I feel something so right

    Doing the wrong thing

    I feel something so wrong

    Doing the right thing

    I could lie, could lie, could lie

    Everything that kills me makes me feel alive''


    ''Cause you are the piece of me

    I wish I didn't need...

    If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?

    If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?''


    ''We were the Kings and Queens of promise

    We were the victims of ourselves

    Maybe the Children of a Lesser God

    Between Heaven and Hell''

    ''And I wanna kiss you, make you feel alright

    I'm just so tired to share my nights

    I wanna cry and I wanna love

    But all my tears have been used up''


    ''The teenage rush, she said

    Ain't we all just runaways?

    'Cuz we got time

    But that ain't much

    We can't wait 'till tomorrow''

    ''He said, one day you'll leave this world behind

    So live a life you will remember''


    ''I look into your eyes

    Diving into the ocean...

    And if you are a ghost

    I'll call your name

    You, always''