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  • 18/09/2012


    Hey everyone! My name is Mandy, I'm 20, I live in Florida, I can't drive (too scared for some reason), and I work in a coffee shop but I don't drink a lot of coffee. I'm more addicted to Red Bull. I swear, those drinks will either give me a heart attack or make me go broke. I guess I'll see which happens first.


    Fan fiction is wonderful. :) I love seeing what other authors come up with outside of canon. I'm more of a reader then a writer, but I have a few stories out there. I mainly read Harry Potter fan fiction, but I may stray to another fandom every once in a while. If you have a Tom Riddle story then send me a message to let me know. ILOVE Tom Riddle stories.


    Favorite pairings:


    Harry Potter -


    Tom Riddle/anyone, but to be more specific: Tom/Hermione, Tom/Minerva, Tom/Harry (sometimes), and Tom/Luna (I wish there were more Tom/Luna's written, but it's a pretty rare pairing, which sucks because it's brilliant!)


    Harry Potter/Hermione (sometimes)






    Hermione/Snape (It has to be really well written though, and they both have to be in character for me to like them together.)


    Twilight -


    Edward/Bella (They annoy me sometimes, but that series is based around them, so you just have to accept them.)





    thats everythings!